Nlbc is a platform to learn the skills of a passion in a face2face format in either a bootcamp or 1:1 training.
You can teach in any place you are located. Don’t forget to update your location in the My Profile settings!
When you break down a passion structurally, we get small learnable chunks of information or muscle memories. These are individual skills that belong to a passion. Learning different skills will make you adept at a passion and naturally will make you even more passionate about it.
A passion is something we like to spend our time on. Either we love learning the skills or we like the community that loves the same passion or we got inspired by someone who is passionate about it.


Submit an application :
Yes, we are accepting teachers for all passions, but it must follow the nlbc method. You can apply and get support on that and we are happy to introduce the new passion.
Yes, but you can apply to follow a bootcamp or 1:1 teaching to get that experience.
Yes you can. The nlbootcamps platform and nlbc method provides a structure that makes it possible to teach multiple things without losing quality in your training.


You can cash out your earnings using various methods, including Paypal, transfer wise, Payoneer or nlbc credit.
Earnings can be cashed out anytime. New earnings are ‘unlocked’ and available for cashout every Sunday.


At the moment there are fixed prices per skill. But we are updating the site to give you the option to set your own prices per skill.
Teachers can give an unlimited amount of private lessons using the nlbootcamps platform.
Nlbootcamps has the desire to become the biggest platform and community for face to face teaching. Part of our job is to make sure you get the exposure to this community and immediately match you up with new students.
Earnings depend on your passions. Some passions make more then others in market value. But it also depends on your availability and the quality of your profile page. You can get a full time income doing only the things your are passionate about.
When new teachers spawn because they followed a class with you, you get 10% of the first 10 bootcamps and first 50 private training's they give(this is still in development at the moment).