We believe in what we do and in our system. So, we offer what nobody else can offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If students are not satisfied with the bootcamps, we refund 100% of the money. We do this to remove any doubt you may have before trying our bootcamps.


We believe one trainer is never sufficient to guarantee an effective and high quality bootcamp. That’s why we always guarantee two high qualified trainers per bootcamp. Even on relatively small groups! This way the main trainer can focus on teaching, the assistant trainer on helping the students with their questions and to keep on track.


In every professional field, developments can go very fast. We committed ourselves to implement the latest knowledge in our bootcamps. This way, students will always be up to date and know about new features and possibilities which can be used in their work.


We don’t believe in passive teaching, meaning the teacher is just standing in front of his powerpoint presentation and giving a continues monologue while effectively talking students to sleep. No, we only believe in interactive bootcamps with short and clear explanations, followed by effective assignments to implement the learned. Followed by interactive group assignments to solve problems together, based on the just learned skills.


We offer an unprecedented flexibility for all aspects of our bootcamps. Off course we have our optimized and proven setup for maximized learn effect, but you can always express wishes and requirements which we will try to implement too best effort. We offer flexibility in time, location and learning subjects. Please inform for the possibilities!


After completion of every bootcamp, we offer each student a certificate with our and your company brand. In addition, we also offer a place for your company name and logo on our website


With everything we offer you would expect almost unaffordable prices, not with us! Because we work efficiently and with low overhead costs we can offer very affordable prices for out bootcamps.

Also, we accept a much lower profit margin compared to many competitors and guarantee to deliver same or even higher quality!

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